About Me


I've got 2 years experience running a garden maintenance business - Planted Gardens
Gateway Level 3 Professional Diploma - Garden Design Plumpton College
City & Guilds Level 2 Practical Horticulture (Garden Design) Plumpton College
RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture Plumpton College
Ba (Hons) in Graphic Design (Visual Communication) TVU, Reading

I'm a newly qualified Garden designer looking for new projects. While i'm still quite fresh to this career, I back it up with both design and client-facing skills learned over 10 years working in graphic design, as well as practical horticultural knowledge gained from my Garden maintenance business- Planted Gardens
I'm interested both in design as a discipline, and in promoting horticulture as a hobby- especially encouraging people to reconnect with the food production process through growing their own produce, and working with instead of against the wildife around them.
I love creating modern sleek designs with sustainable materials, and am fascinated by the challenges presented by a changing climate.

When I'm not working

I operate on a strict diet of good books, good music, messing about in boats and cycling. I'm from Cornwall, so I require regular sunshine, pasties and the sea. I take an awful lot of photographs, and love to people-watch. I live in Brighton, which lets me indulge in all of the above.
One careful lady owner.

Relevant Skills

Technical Drawing From scaled site drawings to accurately rendered perspective illustrations, I bring an eye for detail and a steady hand to the process of turning ideas into diagrams

Concept Sketches & Illustration Whether you need hand-rendered visuals to help communicate ideas, or a unique style to make CAD renders stand out, I can take designs to the next level, using watercolours, markers or mixed media

Adobe Creative Cloud (up to latest version) specialising in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign I am just as comfortable creating concept collages as presentation-ready layouts - and a whole lot more!

Photography I've taken shots for Fashion brands, Charities and events, as well as a lifelong hobby, i can take accurate, compelling site photos both for reference/survey purposes, and to capture finished designs

I leverage the skills learned in a decade spent working wth marketing teams, to distil communications into clear, concise and compelling copy.

Soft Landscaping I'm equally happy with a spade as a pen - i operate a garden maintenance company in my downtime, you can see my work here: Planted Gardens

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